Our Story

Our story began in 2011, in that year the jobs recession came where all the people were laid off from their jobs. People who already had 10 to 20 years in the companies or who were company supervisors, we were one of them who stayed without work and a very generous and noble woman with a big heart who didn't even know us knew about our situation that we were in. without work and looking for us to help us, she gave us her business of rosaries and mysteries that she distributed and supplied to all the Quinceañeras businesses.

‎That is how our Tuxedo Rental business began as the American dream. It was one day in the morning that we were waiting for a quinceañera dress store to open, that day the store opened late and we had to wait and there were more delivery men among them was the right person who invited us to the world of the Rent of Tuxedos. That day, it was a beautiful day that opened up for us and we embraced the opportunity that he offered us without knowing anything, he trusted us and gave us the opportunity to start the business. Thus began our opening for business. God is never wrong in opening the doors for us, we are very grateful because from that day our life changed wonderfully.‎

There are days that are wonderful and days that are not, but that is because we all have to learn when we gave our first tuxedo a try, we felt a wonderful emotion that our vision was the world of elegance that we could give elegance to people who felt happy on their special day, or in their event because for them it was an important occasion. Our mission was to give them elegance and make them feel beautiful for their special occasion. From that moment we looked at the vision to open more stores in which 6 have been opened.